Tip a friend

How does it work?

5% returning customer reward: Whenever you personally do a purchase in iSmokeKing we give you a 5% returning customer bonus. This reward is placed into your Discount account and you can use this reward as a part-payment for a later purchase. That basically means that you will always have a reward waiting for you.

Recommend the switch: To switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes can improve and save lives, and your friends deserve to be told about this option. Don’t wait, tell your friends today, how rewarding this is for them.

5% friend reward: For every friend you refer, we will give you a 5% bonus based on their orders, placed into your Discount account. We will keep on giving you that, everytime they purchase, as long as they stay customers with us.

5% friend friends reward: We will also give you an additional 5% bonus based on orders that friends of your friend have placed with iSmokeKing, and we will keep on paying you this bonus on every purchase as long as they stay with us.

This can turn out to be really rewarding for you. You have a full and live overview of all rewards that are coming in. Note that since all purchases in iSmokeKing are with a 30 day money back option for unopened products, your reward will be escrowed for 30 days awaiting the money back option time to expire.

How do I refer?

There are several ways to refer a friend and/or make people aware about iSmokeKing. The overall goal is to guide a person to come to the iSmokeKing page, register and make a purchase. Regardless of what method you choose of the ones that are described below, we will know that the person that register as a customer is there because of you. When you send a person to our site, we are placing a cookie in that persons device that stays for UNLIMITED number of days with your refer info. So even if a person just quickly look at the page and later go back to the mainsite without your referID in the link and register, we will know that you were the person that made it happen and the person will still be connected to iSmokeKing referred by you.

The first way is to simply give your friends your referral link. For best result you should follow them through the registration process. Find your referral link on the dashboard.

When you are logged in to your iSmokeKing account, and click the Facebook, Twitter etc. share/like options that you find on every page, they will always include your refer ID.

You can tip a friend by using our mailer. You can choose between 4 different templates. Your referlink will automatically be included in the mail and you can also find 2 message suggestions if you are unsure about what to write. You find the mail option below and here

Share full size picture on social media. Full size picture gets more attention if you upload them, for example if you upload to your Facebook Timeline. Just remember to add your link. You can find full size HQ picture of every product if you go to the store. Just goto the picture you want to share and click on it. Then it will pop up. Just right click and save.

You can do online marketing. There are numerous ways to do so and its often required to have a banner. Go to our banner section where you can find a wide selection of banners.