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Kanthal Wire
Price: £3.01

9.14 Meters (30 Feet) Kanthal Resistance Wire

Kanthal is the most commonly used wire to build an atomizer with. It is designed to remain strong and not break down even at high temperatures (up to 1400°C (2600°F), with a melting point of 1600°C) which is why it is the standard type of wire used for the heating coils in most electronic cigarettes.

Coils with less resistance gives more vape, but also uses more battery power and liquid and hence doesn't last as long before it needs to be replaced.

Choose between:
24 AWG - 0.5mm (0.0055ohm/mm)
26 AWG - 0.4mm (0.0087ohm/mm)
28 AWG - 0.3mm (0.0145ohm/mm)

The spool holds 9.14 Meters (30 Feet) of wire

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