About us

iSmokeKing® by NewRide Ltd, based in Manchester UK, is a company that is created by former tobacco smokers with compassion and fascination for electronic cigarettes. This amazing product helped us to finally get rid of the iron grip tobacco had on us. When we started to tell our friends about our experience with this, we quickly discovered two important things: First, there were many others like us, that on a daily basis had a personal fight vs tobacco, and secondly, they wanted to try this too. People wanted our help to get started. By "been there, tested this and done that" iSmokeKing came to life. 
With so many copy and "not so good" products on the market, that often let people down and give a wrong first impression about e-cig, we pride ourselves on offering ONLY top quality, genuine trademark products. We know that to accomplish a switch away from tobacco you both need and deserve the best products available.

We have created what we think is an eye catching and easy to navigate site, where people really get the urge for making the switch. We are iSmokeKing, better than the real thing. We don't want to leave anyone in the smoke and our goal is to help as many as possible to make the switch from analog to electronic smoking and really enjoy the experience of the perfect vaping.

We take customer support seriously and you can reach us through phone, e-mail, Facebook fanpage and our on-site support system. You can even meet us live, since iSmokeKing is also aiming to build up a network of retail shops. You can expect to find a much greater selection of products in the shops than what we present on the webshop. You can visit iSmokeKing shops here:
Address: 80 Yorkshire St, Rochdale OL16 1JU
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:30AM - 5PM, Sat 10AM - 5PM, Sun - Closed but follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ismokekingrochdale some Sundays we are opened  10AM-2PM, we post when we are opened on Sundays.

Picture Above: SWEDENFB Fan -Veteranen, Svinesund shopping area. Opening hours are : Monday - Friday 10-19, Saturday and Sunday 10-18 - Phone: +46 526 403 30      

Picture Below: GRAN CANARIA, SPAIN - FB Fan -Av. Tomas Roca Bosch, 35130 Puerto Rico. Opening hours are : Monday - Sunday 11-13 and 17-23 - Phone: +34 693741941 

Picture Below: NORWAY - FB Fan - Dronningensgate 55, 4608 Kristiansand S, Opening hours are : Monday - Friday 11-19, Saturday 10-16, Sunday Stengt - Phone: +47 995 97 994

Picture Below: SWEDEN - FB Fan - Adr: Morast Nyhem, Charlottenberg, Sweden. Opening hours are : Monday - Sunday 10-19 - Phone: +46 526 204 40 

Picture Below: SWEDEN - FB Fan - Adr: Kungsgatan 10, 45130 Uddevalla, Sweden. Opening hours are : Monday - Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15, Sunday Closed - Phone: +46 522 10335