Watermelon (Mystic Juice) Mystic Juice

Out of stock: Mystic Juice 10 ml - 6 mg nicotine
Out of stock: Mystic Juice 10 ml - 12 mg nicotine
Out of stock: Mystic Juice 10 ml - 18 mg nicotine
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Mystic Watermelon

A bombastic explosion of watermelon that wakes you up from the banalities of everyday life with an adequately melonish taste. You grow wings and escape from reality for a moment to enjoy the succulent, honey-sweet taste of watermelon.

This e-liquid has a 60%VG-40%PG mix, made from the purest Pharma grade Glycerol, and Propylene Glykol. (They do NOT contain Diethylene Glycol (DEG))

You can choose between 0 mg, 6 mg (low)  and 12 mg (medium)  nicotine strength. The e-liquid is delivered in a 10 ml leak proof UV protected glass bottle (for best preserving the quality). It has a childproof and tamper evident cap. 

E-liquid is best stored at room temperatures between 10-25 ┬║C.  All nicotine fluids must be kept in a safe place and away from children & pets. In case of an accident, or if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately.

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