Sunrise 650 (Batteries) iSmokeKing

Sunrise 650
Price: £6.00

iSmokeKing "Sunrise" battery 650 mAh

This battery is 6.8 cm / 2.7 in from the bottom and up to where the clearomizer start. This is a strong battery that can last you up to +/- 350 puff all depending on your usage pattern and is the preferred battery choice if you are an average to light smoker.  The Sunrise battery is primarily used together with a clearomizer, but can also be used together with a cartomizerif you use a Sunrise adaptor.

The Sunrise battery has a safety function that allows you to turn on/off the battery. To place the battery in or out of locked mode, press the LED button rapidly 5 times (within 2 seconds). The LED button will flash 3 times indicating you have changed mode. It also has an automatic Cut-Off Protection if LED button is held down for longer than 10 seconds. If the LED button flashes when you try to use it, it means that it needs to be recharged. 

Batteries are an important part of your e-cig everyday and the worst thing is to run dry of power and don't have a backup ready. We recommend that you have at least 2 batteries in back up. Sunrise battery is recharged using a Sunrise USB charger(Please note: USB charger is not included with the battery and must be purchased separately from the accessories section) and is delivered 80% pre-charged.

You can choose between black and stainless steel and matching black transparent and blank clearomizer can be bought as well.

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