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Ni-200 Wire
Price: £3.67

9.14 Meters (30 Feet) Ni-200 Resistance Wire

Ni200 Wire allows you take advantage of Temperature Control for safer vaping, to achieve maximum flavor for your juice, to ensure vaporization occurs at the optimal temperature in vapor production and flavor production without breaking down the juice to give off harmful chemicals into your body.

Nickel Ni200 Wire is easy to use, much like Kanthal. Its has a melting point of 2,800°F / 1,540°C

Nickel Ni200 Wire is made of a pure 99.9% wrought Nickel alloy, allowing it to be modified under temperature control settings, which allows your Temperature Control Mods to take full effect of the advantages. Different juices need to be heated at different temperatures, depending on the viscosity of the juice and other factors, and with Nickel Ni200 wire, you are able to maximize vaping experience!

We currently offer 28 AGW spools that hold 9.14 Meters (30 feet) of Wire

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