Aspire USB charger (Accessories) Aspire

Aspire USB charger
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Aspire USB charger

Aspire USB charger is specifically designed for fast charging of Aspire CF batteries. However it works equally well with other EGO style batteries as well.

Note: Do not use the charge the Aspire CF Maxx - that battery needs the Aspire USB charger with 1000 mAh output.

The USB charger is easy to use. Simply screw the battery onto the USB charger and just plug it directly into any USB port.

The LED light on the charger will show red while the battery is charging, then switch to green when its fully recharged.

We recommend that you also purchase a wall charger and car charger that both have a USB port, so you minimize the risk of being without a charger point.

For USB 2.0 or greater
Input: DC 5V
Output: 4.2V - 420 mAh

This is an genuine Aspire product.

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