Diamond EGO 900 (Batteries) SMOK®

Diamond EGO 900
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SMOK Diamond EGO Battery 900mAh

This is a standard 900mAh EGO battery that has been "bling bling" freshened up with nice looking plastic diamonds.  This is a powerful battery that can last you up to +/- 500 puff all depending on your usage pattern and it's good battery choice if you are an average "smoker" with a taste for bling bling.

The sparkly diamonds are of plastic so the battery doesn't feel cold to hold or get sharp to hold if you lose your battery on the floor, like it might do if its was glass that broke. They are well stuck on, so you don't need to worry that they fall off easy.

• Battery power is 900mAh
• Manual battery - turned on and off with a 5 click on/off function (5 clicks within 2 seconds)
• Length 88mm, the diameter is 15mm (about 16.5mm if you include the sparkles)
• Charging time typically 2-3 hours
• Typical battery lifetime - 300 charges
• Battery's normal working voltage 3.7V - 4.2V
• Charge voltage 4.7V

Batteries are an important part of your e-cig everyday and the worst thing is to run dry of power and don't have a backup ready. We recommend that you have at least 2 batteries in back up. The battery is recharged using an EGO USB charger (Please note: USB charger is not included with the battery and must be purchased separately from the accessories section) and is delivered 80% pre-charged so that you can start using right away.

The is an original SMOK product.

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