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Smart eCig Meter
Price: £15.30

Smart eCig Meter a.k.a HaKa tester

The Smart eCig Meter is an E-cigarette data reader for all EGO/510 threaded batteries and atomizers that displays the real-time voltage/resistance/wattage.

•Red LED shows the real-time voltage of battery.
•Green LED shows the real-time resistance of atomizer
•Yellow LED shows the real time wattage of atomizer

Data: *Length: 56mm *Diameter: 14mm *Weight: 20g

Accurate to +-0.4%. Will read from 0.01 to 9.99 ohms, display voltage range at 3V-15V. Great for testing ohms or for bad cartomizers or atomizers. Simple and easy to use with EGO/510 and 901/808 connectors.

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