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You need something to carry all your e-cig gear in and our travel bag provides you with just that. On each side, inside your bag you have pockets that can hold your items and you have a hard outer shell that will protect all your e-cigs products from being damaged. Choose between  big and small travelbag. 

Carry Case

These handy carry cases that come with or without built-in battery charger are available in white, black, pink, alligator, and gold color.

The one without the built-in battery can hold 1 battery, 3 cartomizers and a USB charger. The one with a built-in battery can hold 1 Party battery and 2 cartomizers. You are able to recharge 4-5 Party batteries before you have to recharge the carry case itself.

USB Charger

Our batteries are recharged via iSmokeKing USB chargers. Party batteries use Party USB charger and Sunrise battery use Sunrise USB charger and they are both very easy to use. Simply screw the battery into the USB charger and just plug it directly into any USB port. The LED light on the USB charger shows you the charge status so its easy to know when its fully recharged. USB chargers are included in all starter kits.

Wall Charger

If you don't have access to a computer device with a USB port this can be pretty frustrating if you need to recharge your batteries. iSmokeKing provides you high quality wall chargers that have a USB port. Choose between # EU # UK # US socket. Wall charger is included in Sunrise Starter Kit.

Car Charger

Don’t get caught without a charger point, it can be pretty frustrating if you need to recharge your batteries. If you are on the "road" you might like to have a Car Charger with a USB port that you can connect directly to your cigarette lighter.


Sunrise necklace is perfect for you if you are the type of person that always misplaces your e-cig. Hang it around your neck so you know where it is at all times. You can choose between black, red, pink and blue colours.

Sunrise Adaptor

If you wish to use iSmokeKing cartomizers on our Sunrise battery you need to purchase an Sunrise adaptor. This is something you might wish to do because a Sunrise battery has a significantly longer battery life than a Party battery.


If you need a new Drip tip you can purchase that as an accessory. Plastic Tip for iSmokeKing clearomizer 1.6 ml and Metal Tip for iSmokeKing clearomizer 2.0 ml

Replaceable X-heater

iSmokeKing Clearomizer 2.0 ml is a clearomizer where you can change the heater, and we recommend that you change the heater every now and then. This X-heater is a heater that have a dual coil with 1.8 ohm resistance. It has 4 long and extra thick wicks, that helps prevent burning sensation. This heater gives extra volume of vapor and the flavor and throat hit is very good. On the other side it uses more e-liquid than the original iSmokeKing clearomizer 2.0 heater.